Advice needed

I am in a job that I like but not who I work for.   How do you deal with people that give you no respect? Play because I am in charge I will screw you with a splintered broom handle over and over because I can because I run this place not you! I have worked at this place for over 20 years and since the owners son has taken over it’s been a nightmare! How can I make him feel like I don’t give a rat’s ass what he does to my schedule and how he treats me so disrespectful,  when I do give a rat’s add? This is in a small town. And what I do this is the only place in this town! 

Someone please help me/ guide me to learn how not to habe my feelings shown, to not care how I am treated by this person.

I need help !



I am sad, all I have ever wanted from my husband has been a ring, a wedding ring to be exact . Today is our 25th anniversary . The day we were married he had to work and could not get the day off. We were married on a Monday by a judge, I was pregnant with our 2nd child ( I had 2 from a previous marriage)                Yeah we loved each other, but yes were getting married for the insurance.                   So anyway he did not buy our wedding rings! His Dad had sent us money for our wedding gift and we used that to buy our rings.                                                                         So year after year all I ever hoped for was a “wedding ring”  this year I had shown him many I really liked, the style I like. So here is the day and no ring no card nothing. I am sad. Maybe I don’t deserve a ring? But I will always long for one.

I am going to buy one myself and start to say to me I am worth this ring! and I deserve it because  I love myself!

Time to be strong! time to say this is what I want and get it for myself!


How do you deal with a husband when anytime you tell him he needs to take care things in a certain way, he gets all pissy.
How do you deal with a husband that everything out of his mouth is negative.

What to do?

Where do I start? I am not really sure where I really start.
   So here I go!
I began my journey into my yoga practice because I needed to feel at peace. My job had been causing a lot of stress and I needed to find a way to help me cope.
So began my journey.  I am more at peace and know I can not control how people are, but I can control me. And that is what I am learning. I  learning that if you just stop and breathe it will help you get through!
  Now I could write a very long story about how certain people at my job have been trying to get me fired or to make me quit. But even there I don’t know where to start! I am going to post 2 pictures of what happened in one of the many things that has happened. But this is the first time I can say see you all are fucking with me! I want something done about it, but at the same time I just want to say, I will never understand why, but for my peace of mind I need to forgive you! I need my peace and I don’t need this shit in my life. So I need to forgive without knowing why.



So is this the path I should take?
I wish I could run to a yoga class and a meditation class and free my mind.
Please tell me your thoughts on what I should do?

Home alone

I do not really remember the last time my husband and I have been apart.
Why are we apart? He is doing a sleep study. He doesn’t sleep very good even with sleep aids!
My husband has a a rough few years with surgeries, so he is home all the time and not sleeping through the night.
While I don’t  like not having him here at night, I am in away enjoying it! I watched  a little TV and then did a little bedtime yoga! How yummy that feels!
    I am excited for the 30 days of #yogacamp
It starts January 1st and my goal is to do yoga every day in January and also do either a weight workout or a cardiovascular workout each day too! I would like to lose at least 5 pounds by the end of the month!
So I hope to check in and let you know all about the 30 days of #yogacamp
Oh and here is the poor little puppy missing her Daddy!


Having fun living life

So the other day I saw Tedeschi Trucks Band was going to play on Austin City Limits,  so I went to the Web page of ACL and they were giving away tickets! I jokingly said to my husband wouldn’t it be funny if I won? Well I did! Now this show is filmed in Austin Texas and I live in Minnesota! Because you only live once we went!


What an awesome show! They streamed it live that night on their You tube channel,  and it will air on February 13th!
   We stayed in Austin Texas for 2 days checked out some cool stuff like this graffiti park


And then there was this park by the performing arts that had a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan


Really cool park where you can bring your dog and let them run! Lots of people walking/jogging and riding bikes on the path.
The one thing I didn’t do is go to a yoga class. She is the teacher that follow on you tube, Yoga with Adriene! Just didn’t fit in this time. But if you are ever in Austin try to take one of her classes,  she has a great personality!
    So grab life and go for it!


Patience it’s a hard thing to master! You learn some while doing your yoga practice and while brewing tea.

In every day life it test you, standing in line to buy groceries,  at a restaurant waiting for your food .

So many was life test your patience! I am trying to be more aware of my patience and how I react to people when life is so busy.

So far I have found when I am more patience with yoga practice my poses will become better.